Use and Privacy of Information - (according to law 1581 of 2012)
The Efigen company can collect information for its databases through our Website, Social Networks, Newsletters, SEO Positioning, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Search Engines, openings of our email marketing campaigns, association forms, events held Among others, if the reader does not use the description button and / or when filling out the contact form corresponding to the email marketing campaign, in which case the reader accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the policies described here. The data collected will be used only for the purposes of the Efigen company and its different internal areas and the same information will not be delivered to third parties that do not belong to Efigen. Efigen abides by law 1581 of 2012 Article 5 of sensitive data. "For the purposes of this law, sensitive data is understood to be those that affect the privacy of the Holder or whose improper use may generate discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in trade unions, social organizations, human rights organizations or that promote the interests of any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties as well as data related to health, sexual life and biometric data."

1 - Data Capture

The visitor by registering in any of the forms of our newsletters, Web presence, search engines, banners, social networks, blogs and all kinds of presence of our communications, accepts the reception and registration and authorizes us to send institutional campaigns and / or our services. The reader has the possibility to request via email ([email protected]), by telephone (Medellin Headquarters, Colombia +57 (604) 322 0995, address (Medellín Headquarters, Calle 6 Sur # 43A - 200, Medellín, Colombia), to remove their data from our database.If the reader does not remember or believes not to have registered in our database but receives our information, it may be for the following reasons: 1) The reader is part of the email contact lists of any of our associates who have forwarded or shared this information through the same medium or social networks and / or links. 2) For our work in the presence of events, educational centers, educational programs, cooperation agreements, tradition databases, on the web through search engines (Yahoo! Search, Google, Bing, Opera, among others). 3) Through our social media campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Adsense), web pages and Microsites.

2 - Policy of Good Use of E-mail.

E-mail messages with Efigen content, when sent by its mass mailing system and under the description option of our readers, must in all cases contain an authentic sender, in this case from whom the information comes. The recipient of a commercial or advertising email must have previously accepted or requested its receipt or, failing that, the sender must be able to prove the existence of a link with the recipient of that message. It will be an essential obligation in charge of the issuer that the recipient can, at any time, revoke the consent given for the receipt of said communication via email and for this, the beneficiary must enable simple, clear, effective and free procedures for this purpose, as well as , inform of such procedures. The sender of an email must identify their data (name, surname or full business name among others) clearly and without giving rise to confusion in the body of the message sent (misleading advertising) for the knowledge of them by the addressee. It is the responsibility of Efigen, if promotional offers are made by email, the requirements of current legislation must be met (Consumer Protection Law, Commercial Loyalty, National Lottery, etc.), as well as indicating the conditions of participation in said offers promotional or giveaways. The messages contained in the emails cannot be contrary to the provisions of Public Order, morality, national and international good customs and the uses and customs applicable on the Internet, and respect for the very personal rights of third parties.

3 - Unsubscribe.

You can unsubscribe if you wish in the unsubscribe button located in the body of all our emails or through the mechanisms indicated in our privacy policy and confidentiality of information and personal data. Remember that by entering any of the links in our emails, Google campaigns, Facebook, Other Social Networks, referral by third parties or our websites, you accept the quality of Efigen text, constituting this action as prior and sufficient permission to continue receiving our promotional emails with our information.

4 - Authorization for the Use of Personal Data.

Knowing my rights, in my capacity as reader and / or visitor of portals and acting on my own behalf, in application of the rules that regulate what is related to Habeas Data, I expressly, sufficiently, voluntarily and informed Efigen to receive, manage, access, conserve, store, file, analyze, copy, process, use and consult, all personal and commercial information, current, past and future of which I am the owner and that is consigned in their databases or that I deliver When filling out the form located under its website or any other Efigen page, to carry out activities such as (although not limited to them):

1. Transfer, transmission or delivery of information or documentation to their work areas.
2. Creation and registration as a customer or supplier.
3. Information and documentation file.
4. Market and consumer analysis, for which it may deliver the data to its consultants or third parties with whom it has contracted said study or consultancy and to whom the information privacy policy will be extended.
5. Use for promotional and research activities and the creation of new products for which you may deliver the data to your consultants or third parties with whom you have contracted said study or consultancy.
6. Creation of communities of clients or people for commercial or marketing purposes. For this purpose, it may deliver, share or send the Reader's personal data to third parties with whom it makes alliances, agreements or contracts.
7. Launching of your own Email, Digital Marketing, Social Networks, Direct Mail or Telemarketing advertising campaigns.
8. To transfer the data to other servers whether they are located inside or outside of Colombia. Likewise, by accepting this text, I certify that the information described above is true, complete, exact, updated and legally obtained. Therefore, any error in the information provided will be my sole and exclusive responsibility, which exonerates Efigen from its responsibility before any person or entity.