Operations & Maintenance.

An 'All in One' O&M service provider 

Efigen Operations & Maintenance Services has a global reach and are experts at maintaining systems. We are able to maintain systems and keep them operating as efficiently as possible.  We are the partner of choice for large corporations and owners of real estate seeking to take a company-or portfolio-wide approach to solar energy adoption.

Efigen offers scheduled maintenance plans to identify and correct any issues that arise on operating assets. These visits include a complete safety inspection of the array, string testing using the most advanced PV tracer, FLIR imagery and review of all system components and any manufacturer specific testing and inspections. The O&M team generates custom reports after each visit and analyses and archives performance data and site issues, to help our engineering team plan for future designs. Historical data is then used to track module performance against warrantied output.

We go above and beyond your expectations.

Providing Optimal Performance

Tasks such as operation and maintenance are handled by highly trained and experienced professionals.
Monitoring and remote control are only a few of the services we offer, as are on-site inspections, preventive and remedial actions.

We employ and train a local O&M team to adapt to the culture of the project climate in which the projects are located. Once the power plant is up and running, the local team is responsible for maintaining the photovoltaic plant's functionality and performance.

Low-cost Cleaning Services

Efigen offers low-cost robotic cleaning that can clean panels up to 20 times faster than hand cleaning methods, enabling for quick reaction to soiling issues. The robots cleaners are deployed at night to reduce the impact on the power plant's energy generation, and they function with very little water, making them an ideal alternative for projects with limited water access.

Complete O&M Services 

Efigen offers a comprehensive suite of services offerings to meet the need of any project, regardless of system type.

Remote Operations and Control

The Efigen control center enables global real-time, proactive monitoring, resolving possible production difficulties before they happen.

24x7 real-time performance monitoring and alarm management
Outage coordination and primary point of contact with utilities, grid and transmission operators
Remote plant control
Dispatch of field technicians
Monthly production and operations reports
Performance analysis and optimization
Energy forecasting
NERC compliance for U.S. power plants
Remote security monitoring

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

AC and DC system inspection
Drone IR scanning
Structural and mechanical system inspection
Inverter maintenance per manufacturer’s spec
MV and HV system maintenance
Meteorological station calibration and cleaning
SCADA validation and upgrades
Emergency response
Troubleshooting and diagnostics
Spare parts inventory management
Warranty administration with manufacturers
Supervision of warranty repairs
Parts procurement
Labor for out of warranty repairs

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