Project Development

Efigen is a comprehensive consultancy, engineering, procurement, and construction company that provides pre-construction, technical, and pricing assistance to support developers as well as system owners during the development phase; ensuring power plant assets produce the best return on investment.



Efigen development services helps developers and project owners bring their pipeline of projects online quickly and profitably.

Development Services

1. Registering & development of projects to ready to build (RTB) stage
2. Due diligence & credit analysis for site owners, off-takers, and key suppliers
3. Evaluate and optimize national and local incentives
4. Perform avoided costs analyses, including evaluating demand savings potential
5. Site lease, purchase, and PPA negotiations
6. Follow-through with system design, technical expertise, and supplier management

Asset Management Services

1. Operations & Maintenance
2. Warranty Management
3. Financial Reporting
4. Annual Auditing

Financing Services

1. Development, project, construction, and take-out capital
2. Optimized financing customized for each projects
4. Legal and accounting expertise structuring complex deals
5. Relationships with investors and lenders to facilitate transactions ($1M – $100M)
6. Ability to structure financings with our capital, partner capital, or co-investment



The Development Process

  • Efigen brings value to each project by customizing efficient solutions, obtaining government permissions, negotiating economic cooperation agreements, and bringing project funding to a successful conclusion.
  • Efigen develops both third-party and own projects, either greenfield or brownfield, in those geographies where it has a physical presence in order to have greater control and hence a better result.
  • Efigen has an active presence in developing markets such as; Colombia, México, Peru, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bahrain, and Dubai.

From initial land sourcing, to ready to build (RTB) stage
Efigen can assist in all stages of solar project development

Land and plot identification & acquisition

Processing of power plant connection points

Environmental management

Management  of process with all
state and local authorities

Sale to third parties with construction included

Co-ownership of the asset, or financing
for 3rd parties.

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