Land monetization &
protection of the environment.

Efigen partners with landowners and community members to develop projects that are clean, safe, and environmentally beneficial.

Efigen has earned a reputation as a valued collaborator with communities in the places where it undertakes projects. The company's solar power plants not only support the environment, but they also help to build communities by giving economic opportunities.

We are committed to the communities in which we work. Solar power plant projects greatly benefit a community, and Efigen collaborates with key stakeholders to guarantee a positive outcome for everybody.

Are you a landowner
with at least 25 hectares?


We could give long-term stable lease revenue or pay you more than market value for your land.


Revenue stream that is consistent and reliable.


This is a good solution if you have a limited farm or pastureland, as well as a low water supply.
Andres Varela

"Working with Efigen to prepare the land for solar development has been easy. They are responsive and guide me step-by-step through the process. Efigen, in my opinion is the best solar developer to work with."

Malik Faisal

"It's been great working with Efigen, they have assisted in getting my land ready for solarisation. They are 100% accommodating and always make time to talk with me. I would sincerely recommend working with Efigen to other land owners."

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